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For all those inclined  :)


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Greetings All,

The North Oaken Regional Arts and Sciences Faire is fast approaching!
May 14th, in fact.

This year it will be held in the southern reaches of our fair kingdom,
at Dernhealde’s Tower by the Lake. <

Pre-reg closes midnight, May 7th.  If you’ve been putting off
registering until the last minute: it’s the last minute ;-)

We need entries and judges!  Please pre-reg your entry at

If you are able to judge please register at
:<http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/9T2N9L7> or by email to Baroness Una
<deniseuna at wowway.com>

or snail mail it to Denise F Weible, 1545 Oakland Park Ave, Columbus,
Ohio 43224.

I might also mention that the Shire of Mugmort has kindly sponsored a
“Craftsperson’s Faire” at Mugmort Melees VI on May 7th, so to quote
their webpage: “Anyone entered in NOA&S is encouraged to bring their
submission for display and will have the opportunity to have them item
pre-judged.  This would give you a week to fix any last minute
documentation, or to really put the finishing touches on your entry
before the Regional judging!”  <
http://www.midrealm.org/mugmort/mm6/index.html>   I encourage folks to
come to MMVI for a test run, as well!



North Oaken Regional MoAS

Middle Marches Baronial MoAS

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