[Cynnabar] Fw: Baronial Revel, Champion's Tourney, and picture day!

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Subject: Baronial Revel, Champion's Tourney, and picture day!

Greetings unto the populace of our fine Barony!

This is a quick  reminder of the upcoming Revel and Baronial Champions Tourney 
THIS  coming Sunday (May 1st) at Island Park. We'll be kicking-off the outdoor  
practices by choosing new Armoured and Rapier Baronial Champions AND  starting 
off the Kill and Grill season with a revel.

In addition -- if you caught it in the minutes -- its' also PICTURE  DAY! We'd 
like to get a new group photo for the website, so please be  ready to smile for 
the camera.

Here's a rough schedule of events:
We have the pavilion starting at noon
All combatants should present themselves by 12:30 pm to Their Excellencies or 
their herald 

Tournaments begin at 1 pm, promptly
Court will follow tournaments -- and be very brief!
Baronial photo
Lots of reveling time!!!!

Practice time should be available after tourneys -- or during -- as space, time, 
and weather allow. 

For the 'Kill-and-Grill", generally  this has been bring your own meat to grill 
and a dish to pass! Please wear garb.

The   shelter space at the far end of the park is reserved for Cynnabar. This  
is where the rest rooms are located, for those that are familiar with  the park. 
We have also obtained the permits for alcohol.....so it is a  WET SITE. If 
weather permits, we'll be holding the tourney in the grassy  area next to the 
shelter. Spectators: feel free to bring a chair or  blanket if you'd like to 
view with the panel and listen to the  questions. In the event of rain, we'll 
have to hold the tourney under  the pavilion, and you probably won't need a 

For more information about the tournament format or what  it means to be 
'Champion', please email!

Looking forward to seeing you all this weekend for fun and festivities! 
Baron Tairdelbach and Baroness Hannah

(Who are crossing all fingers and toes for no rain, no rain, no rain!!!)
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