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Anne Stevenson elaine242 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 2 19:11:27 UTC 2011

Good afternoon everyone!

As some of you know, I am taking over the position of Baronial Chatelaine. I
first want to thank Lady Amyon for all of her fantastic hard work and
enthusiasm throughout her time as Chatelaine!!  I hope that I can use my
experience and energies to continue her hard work in assisting the Barony
with recruitment.  In addition to recruitment, I also plan to focus my
attention on the subject of membership retention, so that we not only bring
in new members to the Society, but also keep hold of valued members.

Getting started - I have a couple of survey-type questions that I would like
to ask you regarding how you got into the SCA, what interested you about the
SCA, and why you stay (or don't stay) around!  Please feel free to email me
your answers off-list. Rest assured that I will certainly keep anything you
say private should you wish to be completely candid.

Hopefully this information will assist me learning more about who Cynnabar's
target audience is, the demographics of our core membership base, what parts
of the SCA originally interested our members, what keeps out members active
or in-active, and what we can do to improve both member recruitment and
membership retention.  Again - I appreciate the help!!

1. How long have you been involved in the SCA?

2. How did you first learn about the SCA and what circumstances caused you
to get involved?

3. Would you consider yourself an active or inactive member?  How many hours
per/week do you feel you spend participating in SCA activities?

4. If you are not active, but are still a member of the Society, what keeps
you from participating?

5. If you are involved, what types of activities do you participate in?

6. What types of activities are you interested in, but don't participate in?

7. How do you feel your local group could recruit more effectively?

8. If you are no longer an active member, but once were, what changed?

9. Are their activities or other situations which would cause you to get
more involved again?

10. What do you feel your local group could do to retain members more

11. Do you have children and if so, does this affect your ability to
participate in SCA activities?

12. What is your age? Gender? Occupation?

Feel free to not answer any question you do not feel comfortable with.
the more detailed information I receive the better informed I (and the group
in general) can be about recruitment and membership retention planning.

Thank you so very much!!


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