[Cynnabar] Weekly meeting minutes for 3/21/11

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Tue Mar 22 03:23:52 UTC 2011

Weekly meeting minutes for 3/21/11 - they're back!!!

- At 8pm on Friday at the Tap Room in Ypsilanti the Zombie Squad will be
meeting, if anyone is interested in attending.
- 8pm on Friday through Sunday: Fighter's Retreat
- April 11th Giovanna will be hosting a workshop on How to Retain Members.

Old Business:

Fencing Gear
$800 has been approved to pay for new Baronial fencing gear

Knight's Marshal
Gregoire has asked for $100 dollar to pay for duct tape, foam, rattan,
leather, etc.

Grand Tournament
More to come!!

Gold Key
Sometime in mid/late April there will most likely be scheduled a Gold Key
thin-out.  The Chatelaine will also been hoping to schedule a possible
sewing day to provide Gold Key with a few nice tunics of various sizes.

Champion's Tourney
Their Excellencies will be holding a Baronial Champion's Tourney on April
1st.  The park pavilion has been rented.  It will be a potluck and should be
lots of fun - now we pray for sunshine!!

Discussion was had on whether or not the Barony should create a form to
protect the group from possibly liability should someone who has loaned to
the group personal items have these items damaged or lost.  Suggestions
ranged from not allowing anything but donations, to allowing loans, but
providing a written form to waive possible damages.

Cynnabar checks
All checks issued by the Barony need to be deposited asap!

Half-Century Event
Her Grace Anne Marie presented beautiful site tokens to be used at the
She is still looking for someone to run the lunch tavern, although she does
have a few feelers out.  THL Halima has volunteered to be in charge of the
A&S activities.

Great event!
We had 99 attendees as well as 33 musicians and teachers.
Net profit at this moment is around $634
There were 20 European classes and 6 Middle Eastern

New Business

Meeting at Borders
We will be meeting at the Borders on Ann Arbor-Saline Rd on April 11th and
April 18th for a trial run to see if this space will fulfill our needs as a
group.  There is an event "center" in the back of the building in which we
should be able to utilize.

Archery Practice
Practice will start most likely in April as the weather improves.  Look for
more information to come on the main Baronial list!

Thank you and I apologies for any mistakes or needed corrections!
I will take meeting minutes on nights that I am able to attend!!

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