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Notice regarding Pale Ad deadlines and required information.


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Hello all!

Please share this on any and all elists within the Kingdom, please :-)
Seneschals at all levels, please print this and keep it in your files.
Share it with your event autocrats.

We're experiencing a major problem with Pale ads: many are not
including all of the Required Information, and that means HL Gunnar,
Pale editor, has to spend a lot of time emailing back and forth to
obtain this required information. This delays the Pale getting to the
printer, and it results in  your Pale coming later than usual.

Many are also coming in right AT or considerably AFTER deadlines. This
Has To Stop, Deadlines are there for a reason.

PLEASE, all seneschals and prospective event autocrats, when you
submit ad copy to The Pale, please remember these required points:

DEADLINE: the deadline for the May Pale is April 1, 2011. No Foolin'
:-) Ad copy received after that time runs the risk of NOT being
printed, even if you do provide all of the required information.
Deadline is always the first of the preceding month, with exceptions
for August and January; those deadlines are even earlier!


Event Name
Sponsoring Group (incipient groups, include your sponsoring group with your
Dates (day month, year)
Times Open/Closed
Site Address (street, town, zip)
Site Fees (adult, minor, camping, family cap, etc.)
Simple Directions to Site (no maps; save that for your event website)
Name of autocrat (Real)
Name of autocrat(SCA)
Address of autocrat
Phone number of autocrat

Other Useful Information:

autocrat's email address
child care/activities information
accessibility information
list of activities

Note, the email address is NICE but not required. The (or one of the)
autocrat(s) must provide COMPLETE contact information, including real
name, SCA name, complete street address, and a telephone number. We
are often missing the autocrat's contact information. This is required
at the corporate level.

Graphics: no copyrighted graphics. If you include them with your ad,
please tell us where you got it.

For this information and more, see the Pale page at midrealm.org:

If you have questions, please let me or HL Gunnar know, we'd be glad
to help you!

Thank you all so much,

Banbharun Siobhan O'Neill
Middle Kingdom Chronicler

From:  Judy Kirk <mizsiobhan at gmail.com>
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