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For anyone interested in the Pentamere Regional A&S fair - here is the
latest news, plus information and link to an article about documentations.


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 Greetings all,

This is a reminder that the Pentamere Regional A&S Faire will be held May 7
at Squire's Tourney in Ealdnordwuda.

Please remind those in your local group of the changes for this year's

Face to face judging will be default and no longer just an option. Anonymous
Judging will be an option but not the default.

*Preregistration will be required either online or via mail *and required
for both judges and entrants.  The links are at the bottom of the KMOAS page
on midrealm.org or *go to the links below*.



Judges (we still need you!):


*Entrants and judges must be signed up by midnight Saturday, April 30, 2011*.

*Walk in entries will NOT be accepted.  *
All judges will be sent a note designating that they have signed up to judge
and an outline of what we would like to occur with face to face judging.
Face to face judging should not last more than 30 minutes.  Also, judges
still will need to score the entry and turn in the sheets. *Judges should
bring along a laptop if they have one to speed up the process. *We anticpate
the judges spending time developing their questions and ideas, meeting with
the entrant, then sending them away to finish.
*Strict starting and ending times for judging will be posted. A time will be
scheduled and publicized for the general public to view entries. The
tenative schedule is:

9 AM  Check in begins
10 AM  Judges Meeting
10:15  Entrants meet with judges to determine a time to return
10:30  Judging begins
1-2    Judges lunch and public viewing of entries
4 PM  Judging ends

An opportunity to appeal to me, the Regional MOAS and then to the KMOAS is
available.  This opportunity has always existed but we want to better
advertise it.

Also, please check out the information below from Banbharun Siobhan, Middle
Kingdom Chronicler on documenting your entry!  {Don't plagerize!! This is a
serious offense.}  Every entry should be documented.

Please contact me with any questions or concerns or if you need a snail mail

Hope to see you all at Regional A&S Faire,

Meistres Rhonwen merch Alun, OL
rhonwenmerchalun at att.net


Greetings from Banbharun Siobhan, Middle Kingdom Chronicler! Please share
this freely.

One of the most challenging areas for any arts and sciences faire entrant is
composing the accompanying documentation for one's entry. Too often it's the
last item considered, when it should be the very first!

If you begin taking notes at the outset of your project, and keep track of
sources consulted and what relevance those sources had to your research and
entry, it will make composing that documentation much easier than if you
wait until shortly before the faire and try to remember which page that
essential photograph was on, and in which book it appeared.

It's essential to give credit to the important sources that contributed to
your research, and there is now a document available on the MK Chronicler's
page that can help you create the proper citation form for your resource,
whether you're consulting a photo in a book, on a website, in an email
exchange, or an article in a journal.

This article, entitled "Source Citation in A&S Faire Documentation" is
written in a Question and Answer format, explaining what citation of sources
is, why it's important, and how to do it.

The article also discusses how to modify your faire documentation into class
notes, or into an article suitable for publication in any of a number of SCA
venues, how and when copyright enters into the picture, and how to write a
letter of permission to use a resource protected by copyright.

I advocate the use of the Chicago Manual of Style, because it is tailored to
the humanities, is easily understandable, and is widely used in educational
institutions. I've provided an abbreviated version of the Chicago Manual of
Style on the Midrealm Chronicler's page as well.

The link to the articles is here: http://www.midrealm.org/chronicler/ Scroll
to the Clip Art and Articles section, and they're flagged with a NEW! flag.
(Thank you HL Finnseach)

These materials should be helpful not just to A&S faire entrants, but to
anyone composing class notes or articles intended for publication in SCA
venues. (webpages, newsletters, CA, TI, Artes Draconis, etc.)

I'm also available to field questions. I wouldn't advise waiting until the
night before your regional faire to ask me (lol), but anyone is welcome to
ask anytime.

Banbharun Siobhan
Middle Kingdom Chronicler

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