[Cynnabar] Weekly meeting minutes March 29, 2011

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Weekly meeting minutes March 29, 2011

In attendance:
Ermenrich, Kasha, Tairdelbach, Hanah, John, Bjarki, Vincent, Pete, Daye,
Arnold, Fatima, Halima, Straum, Giovanna, Dag, Anne Marie, Stephanie

- Bowling this Sunday, April 3rd at 6pm.  Location: Belmark Lanes in Ann
Arbor.  Please contact Giovanna by Thursday if you plan on attending!
- Heraldry Meetings are on the 1st Monday of the month at Simcha's house: 7
till 9 or 10pm.

Event and Demo Reports:
- Sunday's fight practice: Had a fantastic turn-out!  Thanks Daye for
encouraging a bunch of new people to attend!!  We had around 50+ people
including fighters and spectators.
- Fighter's Retreat: About 17 participants attended
- Pentamere Academy of Defense: Dave the Younger was a tourney winner,

Old Business:

Practice will start on April 19th at Dillon's house - 330 West Clark in
Ypsilanti.  There should be plenty of loaner gear for people to use and a
great space for shooting!  If the weather is terrible, we will postpone
until the next week.  Look for announcements closer to that day.

Barn Clean-up:
More to come

Knight's Marshal:
$100 was approved to go to fixing decaying loaner armor and paying for basic
fighter equipment needs

Grand Tourney:
Giovanna and John will be co-autocrats for this event and will start working
on a comprehensive budget.
We are looking at December 3rd as a possible date for the event.

$800 was approved last week for new loaner fencing gear.

Champion's Tourney:
May 1st!
This will be a revel with a short court, so please wear garb.

Half-Century Holiday (or the Great Lie!):
No updates currently

Donation Policy:
We have nothing on paper yet, but will be working on some type of waiver for
items that are donated/loaned to the group.

EMU Group:
One of our newer members, Amy, is working on putting together an EMU student
group.  Bjarki urges the group to find ways to support them and attend their

Cynnabar Checks:
If you have a check from Vincent/Cynnabar, please deposit them asap - we
will be changing over the checks in the near future.

Celtic Festival (July 9th):
If you are interested in participating in Celtic Festival, please let
Giovanna know.  Because of the conflict with Siege of Talonval that day, we
are not sure we still have enough people to participate, although it is
definitely looking possible!

Meeting Rooms:
Next two meetings will be April 11th and April 18th at the Ann Arbor-Saline
Borders.  The group will then discuss what location seems to work the best
for people in terms of socialization, food, location, parking, safety, etc.
We will try to make a decision by the first of June about where we will
continue to meet.

Open officer positions:
We are still in need of a Chronicler and Bjarki is also looking for a Deputy
Seneschal to shadow him and possibly take over sometime this year.

My apologies for any mistakes or needed corrections!

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