[Cynnabar] BoC Meeting agenda for tonight's 9/12/11 meeting

Cynnabar Seneschal boc.seneschal at gmail.com
Mon Sep 12 13:37:20 UTC 2011

Below is the agenda for tonight’s Baronial Business meeting (at Nicola’s).
If you have anything to add, let me know or talk to me at the meeting


In service,







Event and Demo Reports:

·         Festifall - Thursday, September 8th from 11-4

·         Others



Old Business:


Cynnabar Fiber Faire – Oct. 1st

Fiber arts event with classes and demonstrations of the fiber arts. 


Grand Tournament – Dec. 3rd

The Grand Tourney 


Wassail! – Dec. 17th(?)

Wassail!, ‘nuff said!


St. Cecila at the Tower – Date TBD

This event is focused to be a workshop by musicians for musicians. 


Novice A&S Faire – Date TBD

This event is designed for people new to entering A&S competitions and
people new to judging A&S competitions to come and learn about the process
and details in a relaxed environment

                Event budget of $450 was proposed last meeting. This will be
second meeting to discuss the event.


Renewal of UofM student group:


Collegiate Recruitment Events:

·         Northfest - Tuesday, September 13th from 11-3

·         Mass Meeting - September 19th starting at 6:30




Populace Badge via Café Press


Business Meeting Sites:


Bank Change:


New Business:



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