[Cynnabar] Reduced site fee for teachers/musicians/work

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For those that weren't there (and, since the details of whole conversations can rarely be picked up in minutes) the conversation wasn't really about not doing this for Terpsichore....it was more so noting that we aren't comping others who put in the same effort in other capacities (such as feast steward, event steward, etc.). It wasn't really a criticism about how Terpsichore is handled. In fact a few people did mention within the meeting that it is because we have such great musicians and teachers that the reputation of Terpsichore is so great.The opinions varied greatly within the meeting and we've been asked to keep the conversation going so we can figure out how people feel, per our seneschal. 


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For what it's worth my impression was that a primary reason for the reduced fee for teachers and musicians for Terpsichore was an incentive to get non-local and/or non-SCA people to fill these rolls for this event.  A result of that non-local member talent is that we end up with a more diverse class list (which draws more people here) and a reputation for a fantastic dance band (which we have achieved).  We may want to keep that in mind if we make changes to the policy or craft a general policy for all Cynnabar events. We may have greater expectations that local members will work at events without such a discount, acting in the hosting roll.

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