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Thanks, Bjarki.

I forgot my own advice: ³seek the medieval solution.² We HAVE a baron and
Baroness in charge of chivalry, generosity, hosting, representing our

I don¹t recall our group deciding to give reality to the old-SCA title of
Autocrat, which in my time I tried to redefine as Event Co-ordinator, a
servant rather than a boss. Please inform me which is the correct Cynnabar


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Date: Wed, 14 Sep 2011 17:28:33 -0400
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When Cynnabar held Wassail as an evening only event it was donation only.
The sites I specifically remember this at were the Grange Hall and The Yspi
Depot. There was just a basket and it was understood that the average
donation was five dollars a person. So to answer your question, yes we have
done Wassail as a donation event only. Some years it made a few dollars some
years it was a little under. We've also done can food drives instead of a

So you didn't ask for it but this is my opinion:
 As to comping people at events.
 The choice to comp people at event are up to three people. The Baron and
Baroness as they are the hosts and the Autocrat as they are responsible for
the event. Having a policy regarding this would undermine the authority of
both their excellencies and our autocrats. Telling the group who they are
going to comp is a courtesy, not a requirement. It essentially factors into
their budget and prospective attendance. So, as for making a policy there is
really no need. It is my opinion that we have people to make this decision
on a case to case basis to make an event successful. If you believe that
someone shouldn't be comped then don't do it at the event that you run or


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