[Cynnabar] Generalist Events vs. Niche Events or Opening the Can of Worms

Randy Asplund randyasplund at comcast.net
Thu Sep 15 16:54:08 UTC 2011

On Sep 15, 2011, at 8:30 AM, dirk wrote:

>> To sum up, I think we should comp volunteers at our niche events.
> I disagree, but if you want to comp people, build it into the event
> budget proposal.
> - dirk

It sounds really logical at first, but in so doing one must recognize  
that in effect it means we would be inflating the gate price for our  
guests and not paying to host our own party.

It seems backwards to me. I wouldn't throw a mundane holiday party or  
birthday party and then expect my guests to pay for it instead of me.  
The exception would be if I hired a band for entertainment, or if I  
bought fireworks or something like that. Then I would ask the guests  
to be ready to chip in.

I hope the analogy makes the point. If folks don't agree that it is a  
concern, then I'm fine with what the group wants to do. But I do point  
out that to not follow what I am saying here would be a departure from  
our SCA cultural norm, a least in our kingdom.


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