[Cynnabar] Generalist Events vs. Niche Events or Opening the Can of Worms

Greg Less greg.less at gmail.com
Thu Sep 15 21:55:36 UTC 2011

Hi All-

> 3) Teaching is volunteering. It's fun. It's also work. The fact that
> in general the SCA doesn't recognize teachers through some kind of
> discount (in effect making them pay to teach) doesn't make it right.
Back to who should pay...

  In my opinion, if we comp teachers for doing what they enjoy, we are
effectively subsidizing the hobby of some of the players and not othes.
Since this is an opinion, and one that not everyone agrees with, let’s set
it aside for now and instead look at some of the various slippery slopes
comping teachers can take us down…

   1. Every time a fighter steps into armor and fights someone who is less
   skilled, teaching occurs. Should my entry into Grand Tourney be comped? What
   about a knight’s? How about a duke’s?
   2. At Terpsichore the last two years Master Midair spent the afternoon
   teaching Jason and I to play chess. We were so inferior to his skill level
   he was playing both of us at the same time, while knitting. He clearly was
   acting as a teacher at the event. I hope he had fun, but it might have bored
   him to tears - we are really rank amateurs... Should his site fee have been
   3.  What about people who work more than others? If one dance teacher at
   Terpsichore teaches one class, and another teaches four classes should the
   person who teaches four classes have four times as much site fee waived?

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