[Cynnabar] Terp History Question

Charles J. Cohen charles at eecs.umich.edu
Fri Sep 16 15:28:36 UTC 2011

>Can someone who has been around longer than I tell us whether or not teacher
>and musicians have always been offered a waived site fee at Terpsichore? If
>there were years when site fees were not waived, was the event less
>successful? If the event was less successful is it because we didn't waive
>site fees, or some other reason such as location or weather?

I ran the first few Terps.  Oddly, on my work computer I have the
proposal for Terp V. This was in 1998.  Nowhere were there any discounts
for teachers ($6 site, children under 10 free).  I don't think we had
musicians, it was recorded music (note David's excellent post on that
subject). The site cost $675 (Huron High), feast was $375, and break
even was 148 attendees.

I never had any serious profits from those events. The joke was that if
we made $5 it was a fabulous success. From what I recall, the early
Terps didn't have musicians, and we didn't discount teachers.

I also have the event flier for Terp VIII (Natalie ran that one). Site
fee was $8, no mention of any discounts. I believe that one actually had
significan profits (a coupld of hundred dollars). That was held at Mason
Hall during the day and the Freighthouse in the evening.

There may be more information at (my) home. Let me know if more is

- Midair

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