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> On Sep 16, 2011, at 10:56 AM, Dennis Higgins wrote:
>> So is your question “Should we stop compensating everyone, other  
>> than real hired (mundane) professionals or the people traveling  
>> unreasonable distances to teach/perform?”
>> That is the gist of what I got from your e-mail.
> Hi Finn,
> Sorry. Its not always easy to be clear with a complex situation. You  
> are close, but not quite. It was a "Cart before the horse" kind of  
> question.
> The question is:  Would declining to offer comps or discounted  fees  
> for people who are doing their participation as part of their normal  
> SCA activity actually be significantly destructive to the  
> Terpsichore event, thus making it a worse problem than continuing to  
> comp them?
> Why? Where am I going with this?
> Because it might make the conversation moot at this time if the  
> answer is yes. If the answer is no, then the group ought to continue  
> to discuss whether it agrees that comps and discounts are  
> appropriate or not. If the answer is yes, then "IF" the group  
> decides that comps and discounts are not appropriate, then we would  
> probably want to look at how to constructively phase them out in as  
> least a destructive manner as possible.
> How's that?
> RanthulfR

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