[Cynnabar] It Takes My Child to Raze a Village: Pennsic Edition

ladyseadhli at gmail.com ladyseadhli at gmail.com
Mon Jul 9 15:21:07 UTC 2012

I originally was not planning to attend Pennsic this year, I didn't know I was going until the very last day of "get some land" pre-registration! 
So, imagine my surprise when I discovered that Friday, August 4, 2012 at Pennsic Youth Pointe is "It Takes My Child to Raze a Village" sponsored by the Midrealm.  From 9:30 am - noon; 1 - 4 pm. 

I do not have anything planned! Neither does anyone else! So, if you are planning to be at Pennsic that early and would be willing to donate an hour or so of your time, please, send me an email (ladyseadhli[at]gmail[dot]com). Youth and teens ages 12+ are welcome as helpers too!  
Thank you very much,
Lady Seadhli (SHAY-lee) Tova
Pentamere Regional Minister of Youth
(mka Sarah Jean Meyer)
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