[Cynnabar] BoC Meeting agenda for 07/09/12 meeting

Cynnabar Seneschal boc.seneschal at gmail.com
Mon Jul 9 15:34:37 UTC 2012

Below is the agenda for the Baronial Business meeting. If you have anything
to add, let me know.


Meeting starts at 7:PM

Classic Cup Café

4389 Jackson Rd

Ann Arbor, MI 48103-1831


In service,




Event and Demo Reports


Baron Wars –


Siege of Talonvale –


Push for Pennsic –



Upcoming Baronial Events and Demos


Celtic Festival (July 14th) – 


Ale to the Victors (Sept 22nd possibly)  – Northwoods will be hosting this
event and would like Cynnabar to be their “opponent”.


Fiber Faire (Oct 13th)  –


Grand Tourney (Nov 3rd)  – 



Old Business


Celtic Festival Snacks - Approval to spend $50 for snacks to have at the
Saline Celtic Festival". This will be the 3rd discussion and looking for
final approval.


Fiber Faire site deposit funds – St. Paul’s requires a $100 check to secure
the site. The check does not get cashed until the event. This is the 2nd
discussion to approve the budgeting of $100 to secure the site. Note: The
rest of the event budget proposal will be a separate budget request, this is
just for the securing the site check.


Fixing loaner leg armor proposal – (meeting minutes reminder/placeholder



New Business


Point of business – Notes from the Group Archery MIT.







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