[Cynnabar] Saline Celtic Festival This Weekend!

Jennifer Genoveva jenniferlynangel at gmail.com
Tue Jul 10 18:23:55 UTC 2012

Good afternoon, Cynnabar!

The Saline Celtic Festival is this Saturday, just four days from now! Thank
you to everyone who has written to me or mentioned that you're
planning to attend. And more folks are welcome to join us! You do not need
to have a specific activity or project to demo -- you're welcome
to just come, hang out, and have a FUN time with us! Everyone
adds something to the atmosphere. :)

FRIDAY: Friday evening will be our main set-up effort. We will be setting
up the list field and the pavilion/shade fly we will have for
storage and back drops for our “stage” area. We will be at the park about
6:00 pm and expect we will have most everything finished by 8:30
or so. If you're helping us setup on Friday, you'll find us at Mill Pond
Park on Bennett Street in Saline. Here's a Google Maps link to
Mill Pond Park:

SATURDAY: Anyone who needs to get their car into the park to drop stuff off
will need to be in by 8:00 am (I'll be onsite earlier) and out before 9:00
am. After this you will need to be able to get anything you need in on
the shuttle buses. If you are not bringing anything to set-up, you
might have luck parking in the nearby neighborhood and walking in (I
did this last year). When you do arrive, let people at the gate know
that you are with the SCA and they should let you in. I will also
have wristbands for our participants. The festival is providing water,
tables and chairs, and we will have a large tub for ice in which to keep
drinks cool. If you want Gatorade or other drinks, feel free to bring them,
as well as any snacks.

For those interested in walking in the parade, plan on lining up
near Millie (just up the river from our spot) at 10:30 am.
Opening ceremonies are at 11:00 am.

After the parade we will be back at our spot by the river and will start
our demo shows in the list at noon. Armored combat shows will last for
about 15 or 20 minutes and will occur at the top of the hour every hour
until 5 or 6. Demos in other arts and sciences will be ongoing throughout
the day as we all do them.

The day will end with us being able to bring in our cars to load back up.
Our section, the Living History Village, closes at 7:00 pm. If you see
merchants or other reenactors bringing in their vehicles prior to the time
we have given this does not mean that we can start getting our cars. We
will have spoken with the festival staff about this and we will abide by
their requests. :)

Address to the Saline Celtic Festival: 565 West Bennett Street, Saline,
Map Link:

My cellphone number is (734) 276-5721.  I will keep it on in the morning in
case people need to reach me, and then turn it to vibrate when the Festival

Hope to see you all there!

Im Dienst,
   Genoveva  ~♥~
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