[Cynnabar] Weekly meeting minutes for 07/09/12 meeting

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Here are the meeting minutes from the 7/09/12 meeting. 10 very cool and air
conditioned people were in attendance.




Event and Demo Reports


Baron Wars – Hot. Lots of fighting and archery. Lucia was given a bow as a
gift for all her good archery work/improvements. The pot luck went well.


Siege of Talonvale – Even hotter, way hotter. Sparsely attended and maybe 30
armored fighters total (around ½ normal). Archery had a great venue and
included royal rounds and novelty shoots. Uillec won the thrown weapons


Upcoming Baronial Events and Demos


Celtic Festival (July 14th) – Friday night setup starting at 6:PM. Saturday
setup needs to be done before 9:AM if you want to drop stuff off at site
with your car, otherwise you will not be allowed with car onsite. Wrist
bands can be given out if you will be going off site and coming back during
the festival (9:AM-6:PM).  EVERYONE IS WELCOME TO JOIN, even if you have
something to demo or not.


Ale to the Victors (Sept 22nd)  – Northwoods will be hosting this event and
would like Cynnabar to be their “opponent”. Date has been set and the site
is close by in the Brighton Recreational Area. Everyone is encouraged to
show up and have fun with our friends to the north!


Fiber Faire (Oct 13th)  – We have totals for site budget proposal. The site
rental/event proposal is only $100 (we started the budget discussion last
meeting, see below). We added an additional $20 proposal for the janitorial
fee (see below). Site fee is set at $5/person. Break even is 24 people and
there were 60 people in attendance last year. Food will be done by sandwich
orders at the door with someone going to get them at lunch so there is no
lunch tavern. The material exchange will be done again as well. Should be a
simple yet fun event. 


Grand Tourney (Nov 3rd)  – No update.


Old Business


Celtic Festival Snacks - This was the 3rd discussion and everyone approved
spending $50 for snacks to have at the Saline Celtic Festival.


Fiber Faire event and site deposit/rental funds – St. Paul’s requires a $100
check to secure/rent the site. This was the 2nd discussion to approve the
budgeting of $100 to secure the site. Everyone at the meeting is OK with
supporting this proposal. Next meeting will be the 3rd discussion and
looking for final approval for funds and supporting the event.


Fiber Faire site janitorial funds – St. Paul’s requires $20 for janitorial
services. This was. This was the 1st discussion to approve the budgeting of
$20. Normally it would have been part of the rest of the event
budget/proposal as well, but has been added afterwards. The event
proposal/budget will remain separate so it can be final approved next week
to get it into the August Pale deadline in time (July 20th).


Fixing loaner leg armor proposal – No update


New Business


Points of business – Notes from the Group Archery Marshal in Training.
Godaeth (and Aeffe) have received their Archery Marshall warrants at
Talonvale! Congratulations! Sunday archery practices are going very very
well. 12 people were at practice last Sunday. Note: NO ARCHERY PRACTICE THIS
SUNDAY. Everyone will be at the Smurf Shoot (
http://www.midrealm.org/hawklandmoor/smurfshoot/). Go have fun!


New Group Knight Marshal (armored) – Jason Ironfist has agreed to take over
as GKM, with Hjorleif acting as deputy. This was the first discussion
(following the normal 3-meeting discussion/decision process). Everyone at
the meeting was OK with Jason as the proposed next GKM.




We are still looking for sites for Coronation (Sept. 29th). PLEASE KEEP
LOOKING and let Mistress Claire know of any possibilities. She is currently
without e-mail so contact her by phone if needed. (If you need her number,
let me (Finn) know and I’ll PM it to you.)


There will be NO BUSINESS MEETING ON JULY 30th (due to Pennsic).


Monthly Officer reports will be due a week earlier at the July 23rd business


There will be NO BUSINESS MEETING ON AUGUST 6th (the Monday after Pennsic).


Please send in any award recommendations you have for both Kingdom and
Baronial levels.


Final melee practice for the year will be this Wednesday the 11th. 



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