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Here are the meeting minutes from the 7/16/12 meeting. 26 people were in
attendance including 4 new people!




Event and Demo Reports


Saline Celtic Festival - Great day. Hot. Awesome crowds and great demos
(armored, fencing, all the A&S, people, etc). About 25 people helped out
with the demo and we handed out around 500 brochures. We received $200
donation from the Festival for helping. Fantastic job everyone!


Smurf Shoot - Hot. Four from Cynnabar went up. Lots of fencers. Our own
Godaeth made the final 4. We have a new (donated via Godaeth and Dillon)
loaner bow that has breakdown limbs that can be changed with alternate limbs
to vary the poundage of the bow easily. Thank you to Godaeth and Forester
Dillon for their generosity. 


Simple Day - It was announced at the event the Unbelted Champions team for
Pennsic this year and 4 of our own made the team. Congratulations to Midair,
Jason, Hjorleif and Malachi!


Upcoming Baronial Events and Demos


Ale to the Victors (Sept 22nd)  - Northwoods will be hosting this event.
Look for upcoming e-mails with more details after Pennsic.


Fiber Faire (Oct 13th)  - The event and budget ($100 for site rental) has
been approved. The event will be submitted to the Kingdom calendar.


St. Paul's requires $20 for janitorial services. This was the 2nd discussion
to approve the budgeting of $20. There were no questions or problems with
this budget line item. Normally it would have been part of the rest of the
event budget/proposal as well, but has been added afterwards. The event
proposal/budget will remain separate so it can be final approved next week
to get it into the August Pale deadline in time (July 20th). Next meeting
will be the 3rd discussion and looking for final approval. 


Grand Tourney (Nov 3rd)  - Nothing new. Requesting donations for prizes,
including prizes for the youth fencing and combat.


Old Business


New Group Knight Marshal (armored) - Jason Ironfist has agreed to take over
as GKM, with Hjorleif acting as deputy. This was the second discussion
(following the normal 3-meeting discussion/decision process). Everyone at
the meeting was OK with Jason as the proposed next GKM.


Fixing loaner leg armor (placeholder only, not under active discussion) - 


New Business


Coronation of Dag and AnneMarie (Sept. 29th)  - There has been issues
finding a site and group to host this fall's Coronation event, not just
locally, but across all Kingdom regions. Mistress Claire found a suitable
site in Saline at the Liberty School. The site accommodations (large gym,
auditorium, 4 class rooms, cafeteria (but no working kitchen)) were reviewed
and discussed. There is also a large front lawn area and lots of parking.
Part of the site rental fee also includes them cleaning. Due to lack of
kitchen the plan is for a lunch tavern possibly but no feast. The site
rental fee is $2500. All other sites found were either too small for similar
costs or too expensive. After discussion about the site and it's fit, it was
agreed that this was the best option. However, due to time constraints for
getting the event into the Kingdom newsletter (by this Friday the 20th) so
the event can be "official" (by Society law), there is not time to go thru
the normal 3-meeting discussion/approval process. Therefore it was put forth
to the group and everyone agreed that this constituted and emergency and the
normal 3-meeting process was waived. Then, a budget of $3000 was proposed
(site rental fee plus any possible add-ons) along with Cynnabar supporting
the event was put forth and approved by the group. So we will be hosting Dag
and AnneMarie's Coronation this fall! Mistress Claire will act as event
steward and will submit the event to the Kingdom Calendar. 




Monthly Officer reports will be due NEXT week at the July 23rd business


There will be NO BUSINESS MEETING ON JULY 30th (due to Pennsic).


There will be NO BUSINESS MEETING ON AUGUST 6th (the Monday after Pennsic).


Master Midair is a cheap date.


The Brewers Guild meeting will be held this Saturday at 2:PM at Aelfric's 


Look for their Excellencies Pennsic schedule soon via e-mail.


Her Excellency Hanna went over the upcoming memorials and funeral plans for
Warder Arnolde (DeForest). Please see Hanna's e-mail for all the details. As
part of things, a scrapbook is being put together, if you have any photo's
of DeForest to share, please send them to Natalie (
<mailto:Nataliebaird at comcast.net> Nataliebaird at comcast.net). He passing is a
loss to our group and he will be missed.


Please send in any award recommendations you have for both Kingdom and
Baronial levels



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