[Cynnabar] Looking for assistance - Known World Party!!

Anne Stevenson elaine242 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 23 13:43:26 UTC 2012

Good morning!

I am in need of assistance for help with set-up and tear-down of this
year's Known World Party after Midrealm Court on Thursday evening.  This
year's Party will be again at the Fort on the Battlefield. Midrealm Court
is schedule to start at 8pm.

At this point I would like to see if fantastic volunteers can meet me
around this time (8pm) at Midrealm Royal where we can pick up things like
tables, chairs and other necessities and head off to the battlefield.  Once
there we will need to set things up and pull together food, drinks,
entertainment as they arrive.  If you would like to stay, and are
particularly service-oriented, I will need assistance with food service,
drink-handling (and carding) and general party management.  Obviously I
will also need a saintly crew to assist with tear-down.

Food and entertainment have already been arranged, and some drinks have
also been donated - but we would be happy to have more libations!  Please
let me know if this is something you (or your local groups) could volunteer
to donate!!

Please let me know if you have any other questions and also if you are able
to assist with this fun event!

Thank you so much.

Baronessa Giovanna Adimari
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