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Greetings unto the noble citizens of Cynnabar, Tairdelbach and Hannah do send well wishes as you plan for the upcoming War!

Please read on for Pennsic activities with your Barony! Your help, direction, and support are both appreciated and needed...

Newcomer's Walking tour of Pennsic
Sunday, August 5th, time tbd
If you are new to Pennsic, please join Us for a walking tour (providing you have not already familiarized yourself!). Walk will be dependent upon how many are interested and at what time we can all meet.

Known World Armored Champions Competitions and Known World Rapier Champions 
Monday, August 6, 4-7 pm and Wednesday, August 8, 4-6 pm (respectively)
Volunteers will be needed to help bring things to the field to set up; to help serve combatants and panel; keep dishes full; to assist the panel with selectionWe co-host these events with the Barony of Northwoods. Please contact Baroness Hannah if you can help with either date or time.

Third Annual Baronial Thanksgiving Potluck 
Wednesday, August 8, 6 pm
Please join the Barony for the 3rd Annual Baronial Thanksgiving Dinner! Bring a dish to pass. There will be a prize (chosen by Their Excellencies) as to the best dish based on theme and level of difficulty to cook in camp -- or whim! Volunteers will be needed to help with set-up, starting at about 5 pm for set-up About 2-3 people should be good.  Please contact Baroness Hannah if you would like to help.

Baronial Court (AKA "Drunken" Court), 
Wednesday, August 8, approximately 7 pm
Please join us for court. Your award recommendations are needed!!!!!!! Please seethe Baronial OP for a list of the awards and then email Us with your suggestions for Baronial Awards.

Cynnabar's Got Talent, 
Wednesday, August 8, immediately following court
Can you sing, or dance, or recite a poem...or better yet...not do any of those things but wanna give it a try!  Cynnabar's Got Talent showcases some of the most talked about acts of the season! Contact Us if you'd like to enter and be the talk of Pennsic for the remaining year! A winner is chosen by Us. Please remember that for everyone's privacy -- there is NO photography allowed.

Group meander to Midnight Madness, immediately following Cynnabar's Got Talent, Please join us as we walk up to the shopping areas for Midnight Madness Shopping on Wednesday night after the Talent Show. Perhaps we'll make it past the end of the road as a group this year! :)
Leading Our Troupes to Battle
Monday, August 6 & Friday, August 10 --- approximately 12:45 p.m.
Please join the Barony as we walk up to the battle field for the day with Our Baronial troupes. Our fine musicians will lead us in the Baronial Fight song.

Volunteering at Pennsic  – Guard duty, Retainers, Peers on Duty and more! 
ANY member of the populace who volunteers any service position completed at Pennsic for the Kingdom or for any general or Pennsic staff roll will receive a token of appreciation for your duty from us! We encourage you all to do at least one hour of help in any way possible as many happy hands make for lighter work for all. After you complete your  service please let us know! In addition to volunteering opportunities at Midrealm Royal (Guard duty, retaining and Peers on Duty) there are MANY other ways to serve at Pennsic! Volunteers are always needed as water bearers, at herald's point, as teachers, at gate, at info point, at Pennsic University, at security and others that I'm sure I'm not even mentioning. If  you do not know how to meet up with these locations and services -- We can help put you in touch.

Looking forward to seeing you all at War,
Tairdelbach and Hannah
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