[Cynnabar] Weekly meeting minutes for 07/23/12 meeting

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Here are the meeting minutes from the 7/23/12 meeting.  15 wonderful people
were in attendance.





Event and Demo Reports


Monthly Tourney - Well attended by the fencers. Nice memorial for Warder
Arnolde. His dress gorget will become part Cynnabar's fencing champion
regalia. Drake won the Monthly Fencing tourney. There was no armored tourney
held due to lack of attendance by armored fighters.



Upcoming Baronial Events and Demos


Ale to the Victors (Sept 22nd)  - Northwoods will be hosting this event.
More info after Pennsic.


Coronation of Dag and AnneMarie (Sept. 29th)  - Coronation ads are submitted
to The Pale, and Genoveva has started working on the web site. The
walkthrough went well. Most of the staffing positions have been filled.
However, we will still need lots of helping hands during the event itself.
We are allowed to setup on Friday night at no extra charge. Look for more
information after Pennsic.


Fiber Faire (Oct 13th)  -  Fiber Faire ads are submitted to The Pale, and
Genoveva has started working on the web site.  St. Paul's requires $20 for
janitorial services. This was the 3rd discussion and we have approved the
budget item.


Grand Tourney (Nov 3rd)  - Nothing new. Requesting donations for prizes,
including prizes for the youth fencing and combat.



Old Business


New Group Knight Marshal (armored) - Jason Ironfist has agreed to take over
as GKM, with Hjorleif acting as deputy. This was the 3rd discussion and we
have approved Jason for the position. He has confirmed that he is good with
doing the paperwork required for the office. He also confirmed that he
supports combat archery as the GKM.


Fixing loaner leg armor (placeholder only, not under active discussion) -
Jason will be taking this over. More after Pennsic.



New Business


Note: We need to add Wassail to our agenda  to discuss after Pennsic.


>From Amyon: After Pennsic to speak about the possibility of the Barony
volunteering to gift wrap at Nicola's Books during the Holidays again.





>From Straum on Pennsic:

-       Camp fee is $20 and please pay in cash only. (No checks!) You can
pay him before Pennsic or at war.

-       This weekend (July 28th/29th) is Cynnabar camp setup weekend.


Couch for sale, forest/dark green sleeper sofa. You haul it away as she is
moving and does not have room for it. Please contact her at
<mailto:ersmith.maps at gmail.com> ersmith.maps at gmail.com for details.


Officer Repots (normally done on 4th Tuesday of each month)


Exchequer (Vincent) - Nothing much for Exchequer report.  Working on
quarterly reports for 2nd quarter, 2012.

Webminister (Aaron) - No report


Fencing Marshal (TBD) - Warder Max and Warder Michael will be coming out to
practice once a month to help out. We also had 5 people authorize in both
adult and youth fencing at practice! Congrats to Sir Dirk, Charlotte, Emma,
Kelly, Elizabeth and Zoli!

MoAS (Arin) - The quarterly report has been submitted. Craft nights have
moved to Tuesdays.

Chatelaine (Genoveva) - Celtic Festival was awesome and we found several
interested parties, of which a handful have already contacted me by e-mail
and filled out newcomer information form for me, which is new and available
online. I am contemplating a mentoring program to begin sometime after


Chronicler (Ermenrich) - No report


Herald (Simcha) - No report


Knight Marshal (Gregoire Jason) - Practices are on Sundays after Pennsic.


Archery Marshal (Godaeth) - Both Godaeth and Aeffa are fully warranted now.
The archery page on the baronial website has been updated with new info. We
had two more new people at practice last weekend. Godaeth now has the
ability to both run Royal Rounds at practice and submit the results to
Kingdom (online). (Finn says: If you wanted to start working on your Royal
Rounds, you can do it easily now!) Godaeth is also starting a new Cynnabar
loaner bow collection. She is also looking at running archery at Coronation
if space/requirements and be worked out.


Seneschal (Finn) - There will be NO BUSINESS MEETING ON JULY 30th (due to
Pennsic). The next business meeting will be August 13th. 


Baron and Baroness (Hannah and Tairdelbach) - Pennsic schedule is now
published to the e-mail list, please see their e-mail for all the details on
what is happening when. They still need help with many activities, so please
volunteer! Also, please sign up to help with Royal as well (before they
"volunteer" us). Please send in any award recommendations you have for both
Kingdom and Baronial levels. We are still a Barony. 






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