[Cynnabar] OT- A little HTML help please?

Randy Asplund randyasplund at comcast.net
Tue Mar 6 14:05:19 UTC 2012

Hi folks, I'm writing to you all because I know there are some who can  
probably answer this question on here and while off topic, I am in  
desperate need where time is of the essence.  I'm trying to relaunch  
my web site and ran into an incompatibility. I'm way overdue getting  
this done and have a professional appearance that will cause people to  
be looking for that web site by.... well, already.

I need an HTML code to insert into pages already set up and I'm asking  
if anybody would be so kind as to send me the layout of the code for  
the function I need and explain where i t can be pasted into my pages?  
I am writing in Kompozer on a linux system.

Here's what I am trying to do:
I need a vertical text menu to stay stationary on the left side of the  
page. I need the whole remaining page to the right of it to scroll  
while the menu stays put. The menu would have the same tile background  
as the rest of the page. My hope is that it can be done without a line  
between the menu area and the page itself, but that's a bonus and not  
so critical. If I can't have the particular tile as menu background  
I'll happily settle for a color, as long as this thing goes up ASAP.

If you can help me I would be incredibly grateful.


Randy Asplund
Facebook: "Randy Asplund, Artist"
Maker of Medieval books and
Illustrator of Science Fiction & Fantasy
(734) 663-0954
2101 S. Circle Dr. Ann Arbor, MI 48103

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