[Cynnabar] BoC Meeting agenda for 03/19/12 meeting

Cynnabar Seneschal boc.seneschal at gmail.com
Mon Mar 19 17:48:51 UTC 2012

Below is the agenda for the Baronial Business meeting. If you have anything
to add, let me know.


Meeting starts at 7:PM

Classic Cup Café

4389 Jackson Rd

Ann Arbor, MI 48103-1831


In service,




Event and Demo Reports:



Upcoming Baronial Events and Demos


Armored Fighter Retreat (  ) -


Terpsichore (April 14th) -


Spring Revel (April 29th) –


St. Ceclia at the Tower (May 12th) – 


Celtic Festival (July 14th) – 


Grand Tourney 2012 Proposal – (Johannes)


Old Business


New Choir Heraldic Accoutrements –.


Chatelaine Position – 


Baronial Ballista plans – 


Fixing loaner leg armor proposal –


SCA Anniversary event in 2016 – 


Tithing to the Kingdom – (meeting minutes reminder/placeholder only)

The previously group-approved amount of $300 to their Highness’s travel fund
will be presented at Crown in Kentucky in May. This line item will remain as
a meeting note but not brought up during the meeting proper unless someone
has a question/comment on it. This is just a reminder until we are able to
present this in May.


New Business





Archery Practice – 








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