[Cynnabar] Golden Seamstress

Melanie Schuessler melanie at faucet.net
Sun Mar 25 16:07:14 UTC 2012

Congratulations to everyone who participated in Golden Seamstress this weekend!  Cynnabar was extremely well-represented, and I'm so proud of you all for your dedication, skill, and courtesy!  I'm snagging this list of winners that Her Excellency Hannah posted on Facebook:

1 In the Hood
2 One Stitch Two
3 Cynnabar Sewing Team (Cynnabar Team)

1: Olvik Thing (Cynnabar Team)
2: Two and a Half Women
3: Red Snail Stitchery (Cynnabar Team)

1 Kay's Kids (Partly Cynnabar Team)
2: Silken Stitchers (Partly Cynnabar Team)
3 TBG Sewers

Olvik Thing was also honored with a Baroness's Choice Prize for being awesome!

I look forward to seeing what amazing talent the great folk of Cynnabar will bring to next year's competition.  And remember that your friendly neighborhood garb laurel is always available for consultation as you're planning for and practicing your projects.  The next Garb Workday is April 21.


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