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Barony of Cynnabar
Weekly Meeting
Mon, Feb 15, 2009
Val Day

It was reported that the fighting was good and the dancing was well-attended.  Their Royal Highnesses also danced.
Einar was authorized for youth rattan. 
Roll of Arms
The Herald is compiling a digital file of registered devices and badges. Send her what you have. A digital file if preferable but she will also take a picture.
The Herald will also hold a workshop in heraldry soon.  See the website for details.
Grand Tourney
There is a possible new site for this event but must it be put on the calendar first.  Amyon will follow up.
Rose Tourney
This event is scheduled for the weekend of Sept 17-19. It is in conflict with VIKINGS COME HOME scheduled for the same weekend. 
We are still looking for a site.
Nicola's Demo
The group decided to schedule the event for Thurs, April 22, from 6p-8p.  Amyon will check the event schedule at the store to make sure there is not double booking.
More info to come.
Sound System
Aaron says that $600 will purchase the kind of system that will suffice for the singers and musicians. The singers have $200.00. To help with the cost Hannah will hold a silent auction at Terpsichore.  She is asking people to donate great stuff.
The group decided that there needs to be a policy on who can use the system and when.  More discussion to follow.
Baronial Investiture
The site for the transition will be a church in Milan.  The cost for the site is $300, non-negotiable.  
Baron Gregoire is asking for $900.00 to cover the rest of the expenses.  This proposal will go through the normal process. 
Site tokens will be given.  Renault will cook the feast.  There are 60 seats for the feast. Ten people will receive complimentary passes.  Her Highness is planning to attend.
Volunteers are needed for set-up, serving and clean-up.  Please contact Renault if you are interested.
Aaron will create separate webpage for the Investiture.
Amyon is waiting for a response from the Dixboro Methodist Church about our request to use their site for 12TH NIGHT.  Their entire board must be contacted first.
The group decided that if we get permission to use the Dixboro Church for 12TH NIGHT, we should try and use it for Wassail as a trial run. 
Amyon will follow up.
On Friday, garb is optional. 


 We are having the usual dessert revel.  Cynnabar is know for great desserts at this event. People are asked to bring their best.  Anything that can be eaten with fingers or a fork.
Sun Shade
No new information.
Royal Travel Fund
Baron Gregoire proposes that the Barony contribute $500.00 to the Royal Travel Fund.  He says it has been a long time since the Barony has donated to the fund.  
To help defray the cost it was decided to have a bake sale at the Transition Event.  The group decided to match the proceeds of the bake sale up to $500.00.
Hannah and Tairdelbach would like to hold a revel for the Barony on Sun, April 25 at Island Park.  They are asking for money to cover the rental of the site. Garb is requested. 
First there will be fight practice, then the revel.
Nothing new to report
Nothing new to report
Web Minister
The new website is available. See the message sent to the list.  
Armored Marshal
Uillec is asking people to update their information regarding authorizations, mundane name, SCA name, etc. He will send out request form to the list soon.
Fencing Marshal
Nothing new to report
She needs submissions by February 27 for the Citadel.
The "Lend Me Your Arms" project is underway.
The Herald will update the order of precedence on the webpage.
Vincent is the new Exchequer.  The transitional paperwork is still being processed.
He reports that we have $5100.00 in the account.
Their Excellencies
The Transition event is underway.
Sun, Feb 21 is Garb Day.  During the afternoon from 2p-5p, there will be an assembly line making tabards.  Come and join the fun.
Kingdom level awards are delayed until the Investiture.
We are still a Barony.
Nothing new to report.




Meeting Adjourned


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