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No problem. It must have gotten lost in the shuffle. Here's a copy of  
what I sent you on June 29. I'm forwarding it to the whole list so  
they have time to consider it.

One correction, the date I was given on the decision about the merger  
was inaccurate and the merger is already in progress. This greatly  
expands availability of local branches.


Begin forwarded message:

> From: Randy Asplund <randyasplund at comcast.net>
> Date: June 29, 2010 5:31:20 PM EDT
> To: exchequer at cynnabar.org
> Subject: Fwd: Organizational Checking
> Hi Vincent,
> I have that information about Midwest Financial here for you and  
> the group to consider.  I asked a lot of questions and here's a  
> recap of what  learned:
> OPTION #!:
> Organizational Checking Account $500 minimum balance OR $5 mo. if  
> we slip below that. You get 50 free "items" and each additional  
> item is 25¢ after that 50. An item is each check or deposit,  
> however if we deposit multiple checks or withdraw through an ATM  
> the whole transaction is counted as only one item. yes, we can set  
> up with multiple signatores. I do not believe there is any other  
> fee. Forgot to ask if they charge for first checks, but the box of  
> refills is cheap. The account gets a debit card (no access fee).
> OPTION #2:
> Personal account. No fees or minimums. They can make a note on the  
> account that we have a DBA for the account, meaning we can call it  
> Barony of Cynnabar, and it does what we need. Otherwise it acts  
> exactly as a normal personal checking account. No fees for any  
> transactions.  We can have multiple people on the account.
> Midwest Financial Credit Union (formerly Hospital and Health  
> Services Credit Union) is likely to merge with DFCU (formerly  
> Dearborn federal Credit Union). Members vote in August. This would  
> greatly expand their local branches.
> I asked about the ability to have an officer of our group who lives  
> a great distance away access the account and was told that such a  
> person (for example the Kingdom Exchequer) need only be on the  
> account and go to a credit union of their choice, give the name of  
> MWFCU and the account number with their ID. we get free statements,  
> no maintenance fees, and free debit cards. Plus, unlike TCF, this  
> bank is reliable and member oriented.
> Following option #2 seems fine if the primary on the shared  
> personal account can be changed or re-designated. She had no  
> problem with an organization setting up a personal account, and  
> actually gave me that info first.
> She also sent info on business accounts. See attachments.
> RanthulfR
> Begin forwarded message:
>> From: "Lisa Evans" <levans at mwfcu.org>
>> Date: June 29, 2010 4:35:30 PM GMT-04:00
>> To: <randy at randyasplund.com>
>> Subject: Organizational Checking
>> Hello Randy,
>> In regards to our recent conversation, I have attached the  
>> business account application along with the business fee schedule.
>> If you would like to move forward with the application process,  
>> these are the items I would need:
>> -Copy of all authorized signers drivers license (lightened and  
>> enlarged)
>> -Copy of Business papers (articles of organization, corporation, etc)
>> -Business account application with all authorized signers  
>> signatures and personal information
>> If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.
>> Thank you,
>> Lisa M. Evans
>> Member Service Representative
>> MidWest Financial Credit Union
>> PO Box 130079
>> Ann Arbor, MI  48113-0079
>> (800)968-5626 ext. 8588
>> (734)769-4621 ext. 8588
>> Fax: (734)213-3032
>> levans at mwfcu.org
>> This email contains information from MidWest Financial Credit  
>> Union, which is confidential and/or
>> privileged. The information is intended to be for the use of the  
>> individual(s) to whom this email is
>> addressed.  If you are not the intended recipient, be aware that  
>> any disclosure, copying, distribution
>> or use of the contents of this information is prohibited.  If you  
>> have received this email in error, please
>> notify us by telephone immediately at (800) 968-5626, return the  
>> email to the sender and delete the
>> email from your system (including from your trash).

> Randy Asplund
> www.RandyAsplund.com
> Maker of Medieval books and
> Illustrator of Science Fiction & Fantasy
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Randy Asplund
Maker of Medieval books and
Illustrator of Science Fiction & Fantasy
(734) 663-0954
2101 S. Circle Dr. Ann Arbor, MI 48103

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