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Yeah, we've done this a lot which is why I was curious if we were doing it again. 

The Barony has approved a lot of stuff for the fencers in the last year: 4 youth fencing swords, 2 new (adult) fencing swords, and a replacement dagger blade. As fencing marshal I can say that the Barony doesn't really need any fencing stuff right now. If I was given a pile of money I could find fencing stuff to buy that would enhance the Barony -- sure -- but we don't need anything.

Which is why I wanted to find out if the lunch tavern was going to be a fund raiser. It seems wasted on the fencers if it is.

I will point out that we have needed someone to do lunch tavern at 12th Night for months now. This has been in the minute meetings for quite some time and no one has stepped forward to volunteer.

Maybe we should make 12 Night's lunch tavern a fund raising opportunity and see if any groups would like to take advantage of this.

If the Event Steward (or the Barony I don't know whose decision this is) decide to do this I have to admit that the fencers should be last to have the chance to volunteer.


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> >It could. But, personally I'd rather see the fundraiser
> have a specific purpose.
> >
> >We did that with the bake sale at the last Grand
> Tourney. But, that was also done by a group decision. The
> funds raised were dedicated to a "special project not yet
> determined".
> In the past we have had fundraisers and allocations for
> "general heavy
> fighter stuff" and "general fencing stuff". When they
> wanted to use
> that money, though, it was brought up a meeting.
> However, approval was usually easy. "They raised the money,
> they want
> that, and it doesn't conflict with any SCA policy?
> Approved."
> - Midair, ex-exchequer
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