[Cynnabar] Weekly meeting minutes for April 11th, 2011

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Tue Apr 12 17:16:04 UTC 2011

Weekly meeting minutes for April 11th, 2011

What a great turn out - 23 people!!!

- April 29th: Trip to the DIA.
- The Kesley Museum in Ann Arbor also has a variety of interesting
exhibits.  This could also turn into a possible field trip.
- April 19th - Archery practice will start up at Dillon's house, 5:30 until
dark, weather permitting
- A2 Sword Club: You can find their Youtube video online -  A Night at the
Sword Club
- Arin has made little Cynnabar signs to be used at A&S displays - please
let her know if you are displaying something and would like one.

Event and Demo Reports:
- Aaron and Jadwiga attended a recorder workshop
- Bowling!  About 18 people attended last week.
- Arin and Ranthulfr attended a lecture/slide presentation on the technology
of book-binding
- Roaring Waste fighter practice - over 60 fighters!
- Golden Seamstress was attended by Their Excellencies, and had several
Cynnabar judges: Halima, Haamid and Melisant.

Old Business:

Grand Tournament (December 3rd)
Her Excellency Hannah was able to get us on the church calendar for the 3rd
of December.
More information forthcoming.

Champions Tourney:
May 1st, 12-5 (Sunday)

Gorget Workshop:
More information to come from the Knight's Marshal

Half-Century Holiday:
There will be a test feast coming up this weekend.
Mistress Claire will be running the list (thank you!)
8-9 servers are needed to help with the lunch feast.
Website: http://dag-annemarie.com/50/

Empty Officer Positions:
We are in need of a Chronicler as well as a Deputy Seneschal (to take over
for Bjarki when he has to step down)
Please contact Bjarki or Their Excellencies if you are interested.

Donation Policy:
A waiver will be created and implemented to be used when members wish to
loan items to the Barony.  Due to the group's liability, items cannot be
guaranteed not to be lost or damaged.  There may be special exceptions to
this rule which could be discussed on an individual basis.

Celtic Fest (July 9th)
We plan to make an appearance at this year's Celtic Festival. If you are
able to attend, please let me know as soon as possible.  We really would
like to have people who can demonstrate crafts/activities - especially if
there can be a public hands-on component to this.  Mistress Claire has also
graciously offered to hold the after-revel!

Meeting Locations:
People felt that the Tap Room was a good location in terms of being able to
hear one another, but that safety might be a concern.  Jerry has also
mentioned that he might be able to get a small banquet room at Weber's for
our use, and will let us know.
Next week we are at Borders again!

New Business: None

My apologies for any missing information or any needed corrections!!

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