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Weekly Meeting Minutes for September 12, 2011



- September 25th is this year's last Kill and Grill.  Please come out,
have some fun, get some combat in - and bring a dish to pass!!


Event and Demo Reports:

- Festifall: There was a good turn out, despite the rain.  Thank you to
all that participated!


Old Business:


Cynnabar Fiber Faire (October 1st)

16 classes have already been scheduled!

It you want to participate in the Pentamere Craftperson's Faire, contact
Mistress Rhonwen.
(More information can be found on the website)
Assistance is needed with set-up/take-down and at gate.


Grand Tournament (December 3rd) 

The website is up (Thanks to Genoveva!) - take a look!

Please consider donating something to the prize pool.

Specifically we would LOVE to have some handmade items -

and plan to put them into a A&S Display (bean counted).

Additionally - Their Excellencies would like Baronial award
recommendations for Their Court.


St. Ceclia at the Tower
Still looking into dates for next year.

More to come!


Novice A&S Faire

Concerns were raised about the original proposed budget

and so Margarete has looked into alternative sites.

St. Paul (where we hold Terp) is a possibility, and Aelfric is

looking into availability and costs.


UofM Student Population

We have 12 UofM student signers, so we are locked in for another year!


Northfest and Mass Meeting
Northfest is tomorrow (now today).  Thanks to those that volunteered to
(wo)man the table!

Mass Meeting will be next week on the 19th.

Set-up starts at 6:30.

Please contact me if you would like to help!


Phonebook - N/A


Populace Badge

More discussion was had on creating a Cafe Press store

to create products with the populace badge on them.

Midair proposed that we try to make a profit of $1.00 on each item.


Meeting Site:

Amyon has proposed using the West Side Methodist Church for a future

It is on Pauline Street in Ann Arbor.

We will be at Nicolas on the 26th

And then will we be at Classic Cup Cafe on October 10th.


Bank Change:

Everything is almost switch over to the new bank.


Wassail (December 17th)

Ilse and Uillec made a proposal for Wassail on Dec. 17th.

They have looking into a variety of sites, but the Chelsea

Community Center seems to be a good choice.

It would cost $375, can hold 150, and is a wet site.


New Business:


Terpsichore 2012

Aelfric proposes a budget of $910 for our upcoming Terpsichore

to be held at St. Pauls.

Some questions were raised about the comp-ing of tickets to

musicians and instructors.


The Chatelaines would like to hold some classes for newcomers.

Originally the proposal was for a full-day track of classes, but

the group feels that it might be better to split this time up into

several days.

The Opera Room is available in the Michigan Union during the same

time as fight practice and would be a good space for these workshops.
I would like the first scheduled workshop to be on October 2nd, to make

sure we can retain some of our interested newcomers.


Gold Key

It has been proposed that items which will be leaving Gold Key

(either because of style, fabric, condition or redundancy) be put

out at a "yard sale" for people to purchase.  This might be something

that could happen at Wassail.

More to come!

My apologies for any mistakes or needed corrections!




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