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Science fiction conventions often do something like this. If you  
actually do X amount of work, depending on which convention you get a  
discount or you get a full complimentary membership.  The two big  
advantages are that it is an encouragement to get people to work, and  
it helps those who would otherwise have trouble paying the entry fee.  
The reason it works is because the person has a MINIMUM that they have  
to contribute before they earn the money back. It is not done up front  
because you can't count on people to always follow through, and then  
they have little incentive to earn it after they have the discount or  
the free entry.

How does this relate to SCA? Well, it generally doesn't make sense for  
4 reasons:

1) The financial burden on SCA people is much less to get in the gate  
(often $3-$8 for SCA vs. $45-$50 for SF Cons)
2) We usually see each other more often and tend to volunteer more to  
help each other and the group, so getting volunteers is less f a  
3) In most SCA events the local attendees of the event are a big  
portion of the attendee, vs. SF cons which draw much larger crowds. We  
count on local attendee fees to help make the expenses back.
4) SF cons last ll weekend, so a smaller proportion of your event is  
chewed up by volunteering than may be at an SCA event.

I said it "generally" doesn't make sense for SCA. I didn't mean that  
as a blanket statement. There are a few positions at an event that are  
full time, and these people wok so hard I think they deserve a FULL  
comp f site and feast. They include the Autocrat, the Full time feast  
staff, and the officer running the main theme of the event (such as  
the Marshal in Charge at a fighting event). Likewise, iif the troll is  
the same person for 8 hours, they also ought to at least get their  
site fee.

For the rest of us who do a fair bit, but not to that level of  
participation, I remember and believe in the old attitude that we are  
the host of a party. Therefore, it is our turn to do some work. When  
other groups host a party, then we can act as guests, but we are not  
guests at our own party. Everyone who pitches in a little reduces the  
load on someone else who is doing more.  The rest of us working the  
event should not need to escape the financial responsibility of  
putting on that party by passing "the bucK" to our guests.


On Sep 13, 2011, at 12:53 PM, Shefferly, Charles wrote:

> Greg—
> Does "discounted site fee" = "comp'ed site fee" in exchequer speak,  
> or does it mean something else?
>           No. Discounted means just that it’s a discounted fee, they  
> still pay something toward the event.
> It’s been on every Terp proposal since 2007.
> But, if the group wants to expand the “discount” to everyone that  
> SIGNS up for a shift to work, then I have no problem with it.
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> Hi Aelfric--
> Does "discounted site fee" = "comp'ed site fee" in exchequer speak,  
> or does it mean something else?
> Either way, the issue stands that if a reduced site fee is being  
> offered to some people who spend some or all of their day working,  
> it should probably be offered to everyone who spends the some or all  
> of the day working.
> Regards,
> -Gregoire.
> On Tue, Sep 13, 2011 at 12:21 PM, Shefferly, Charles <CShefferly at lear.com 
> > wrote:
> Correction:
> The instructors receive a “discounted” site fee
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