[Cynnabar] Weekly Meeting Minutes for September 12, 2011

Kevin Lemon uillec1314 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 14 01:18:04 UTC 2011

My thoughts and a question/comment.

I would like to see the Barony come up with a policy that is based on who,
not at which event certain people get comped.

I personally feel the only people that should be comped at an event is
royalty, out of respect.

In the past I (and I am not alone) have volunteered (the key word here is
VOLUNTEER) to help with feast, lunch tavern, gate, etc. More that once I
have been one of the first to arrive for set up and one of the last to leave
at the end of some very long  days. I have never ask for or have I expected
for my site fee to be comped. For me to find out that some people are
getting their site fee comped (I don't know how else to say it) but it
smacks in the face that their time is more valuable than mine. But it not
about the money or time, I volunteer at events in the hopes that people
attending have a pleasant time, but mostly it's my way of helping to support
"my" Barony.

In another e-mail on the list there was mention of "reduced/comped site fee
for non-SCA members", I always thought there was a non member surcharge on
site fee's, why in the world would we comp them? To think that we are ask to
subsidize some SCA members site fee's let alone some "non-members" is well


On Tue, Sep 13, 2011 at 1:14 PM, Malachy von Ulm <malachy at pfrc.org> wrote:

> I didn't want to jump into the fray last night since the issue not only is
> one of passion but one of finance.  I'll give my opinion here tersely with
> no hard feelings how any may choose to take it.
> On Tue, Sep 13, 2011 at 12:28:00PM -0400, Greg Less wrote:
> > Either way, the issue stands that if a reduced site fee is being offered
> to
> > some people who spend some or all of their day working, it should
> probably
> > be offered to everyone who spends the some or all of the day working.
> Events should minimally break even.  Most of the time, the desire is that
> the events bring in enough funds to permit the group to have operating
> capital for other projects.
> If it is the policy of the group to comp those who provide significant
> labor
> for the event, that in itself is a form of expense that must be accounted
> for.  As an example, an event was proposed that had a $900 budget.  If 25
> people pay $4 less each as a comp for their labor at an event that has a
> few
> hundred people coming, the event now needs to make up $200 somewhere.
> If it should become the case that gate fees must rise to cover this $200,
> are we doing anyone a favor?  For small events, probably not.  For larger
> events, the additional cost from the comp is easier to spread out.
> I am of the opinion that comping event labor is not something that makes
> for
> good policy.  It may be appropriate situationally at large events.  Even
> then, custom and culture may simply discourage it.  My finances are not
> burdened by a site fee at this point.  I am more likely to donate some
> additional funds to help an event have a gate fee that is low enough for
> those who have to "choose between their pizza dinner and an event". :-)
> I suspect many feel the same way.
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